2014 is the International Year of Family Farming

The UN reckons that small-scale farming can double food production in places where most hungry people live, within five to ten years. This was in the 2010 report submitted by the Special Rapporteur on the right to food at the UN Human Rights Council). The report which also found that traditional farming methods (as opposed to chemical farming methods) are more sustainable than food production based on profit and quantity.

There is more and more interest in producing healthy, sustainable, yummy food in our own backyards. Returning the tasks, the skills, the risks and the gifts of farming and feeding into where it should be - our local communities. This is possible everywhere, at all class levels and at all income levels. From rooftop gardens in Brooklyn, through balcony crops in Switzerland, to small acre crops in India, organic and traditional methods of farming are making a big return. The yogic element is an early addition, but one that only brings benefit, and one where the findings are showing some consistent and encouraging patterns. 

It would be wonderful if there was the political support and good governance for a return to local organic farming to happen expediently.  In absence of that though, there is no power to effect change like social movements!