Rural Wing

For over twenty years, the dedicated sisters and brothers of the Rural Wing have been helping to improve the lives of rural children, women and men by supporting traditional farming, conducting health and literacy programs and teaching meditation.
— Brother Raju, Coordinator, Rural Wing

Our Mission

The Rural Development Wing believes that spiritual resilience can help rural populations deepen self-respect,  and develop positive human values which will automatically help to transform behaviours and lives, creating communities of health, harmony and wellbeing. With this mission, the Wing organises exhibitions, presentations, and peace processions, and conducts camps, educational programmes and meditation courses at the village and district levels. As well as supporting the transfer of knowledge between the farmers and herdsmen, we also encourage open communication among administrative officials at the village and district levels. The Wing arranges special seminars and conferences for such individuals and groups at the local level as well as in Mt. Abu.

We believe that with the spiritual empowerment of the rural populace, India's villages will not only become clean and beautiful once again, they will become Gokul Gaon (ideal villages) becoming examples of the best in human enterprise. 

What We've Achieved

  • A reduction in farmer depression in villages that have implemented yogic farming technology.
  • Supported farmer to farmer education.
  • Helped implement gradual but systematic change in smallholder farmers practices, enabling them to move from chemical through organic to yogic farming with minimal impact and maximal benefit. 
  • Inspired farmers to mentor other farmers.
  • Established strong international networks, making Sustainable Yogic Agriculture more of a social movement than a farming project. 
  • Built strong research relationships with top agricultural universities and scientists within India.
  • Established yogic farming practices in 6 states among almost 1000 farmers as of 2014.
  • Re-instilled a sense of pride in the children of agricultural farmers, helping to establish farming as a viable vocation among multiple generations.